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* co-first author; ¶ co-corresponding author

2023 (1)

A multiscale functional map of somatic mutations in cancer integrating protein structure and network topology
Zhang Y, Leung AK, Qiu T, Li L, Zhang J, Wierbowski S, Booth J, Yu H. bioRxiv 2023 March 7 https://doi.org/10.1101/2023.03.06.531441.

2021 (1)

A multifaceted role of progranulin in regulating amyloid-beta dynamics and responses.
Du H, Wong MY, Zhang T, Santos MN, Hsu C, Zhang J, Yu H, Luo W, and Hu F. Life Science Alliance 2021.

2020 (1)

Loss of TMEM106B and PGRN leads to severe lysosomal abnormalities and neurodegeneration in mice
Feng T, Mai S, Roscoe J, Sheng R, Ullah M , Zhang J, Katz I, Yu H, Xiong W, and Hu F. EMBO Rep 2020 21:e50219.

2019 (1)

GRAM: A generalized model to predict the molecular effect of a non-coding variant in a cell-type specific manner
Lou S, Kellie C, Li T, Liang J, Mohsen H, Liu J, Zhang J, Cohen S, Xu J, Yu H, Rubin M, and Gerstein M. PLOS Genetics 2019 15(8):e1007860.

2018 (1)

Germline Lysine-Specific Demethylase 1 (LSD1/KDM1A) Mutations Confer Susceptibility to Multiple Myeloma
Wei X, Calvo-Vidal N, Chen S, Wu G, Revuelta M, Sun J, Zhang J, Walsh M, Nichols K, Joseph V, Snyder C, Vachon C, McKay J, Wang S, Jayabalan D, Jacobs L, Becirovic D, Waller R, Artomov M, Viale A, Patel J, Phillip J, Chen-Kiang S, Curtin K, Salama M, Atanackovic D, Niesvizky R, Landgren O, Slager S, Godley L, Churpek J, Garber J, Anderson K, Daly M, Roeder R, Dumontet C, Lynch H, Mullighan C, Camp N, Offit K, Klein R¶, Yu H¶, Cerchietti L¶, and Lipkin S¶. Cancer Research 2018 March 20.
Featured as a Research Highlight in Epidemiology and Genomics Research Program