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* co-first author; ¶ co-corresponding author

2022 (2)

Functional genomic assays to annotate enhancer-promoter interactions genome-wide
Leung AK, Yao L, and Yu H. Human Molecular Genetics 2022 (in press).
A comparison of experimental assays and analytical methods for genome-wide identification of active enhancers
Yao L, Liang J, Ozer A, Leung AK, Lis JT, Yu H. Nature Biotechnology 2022 40(7):1056-1065.

2019 (1)

Extensive disruption of protein interactions by genetic variants across the allele frequency spectrum in human populations
Fragoza R, Das J, Wierbowski S, Liang J, Tran T, Liang S, Beltran J, Rivera-Erick C, Ye K, Wang T, Yao L, Mort M, Stenson P, Cooper D, Wei X, Keinan A, Schimenti J, Clark A and Yu H. Nature Communications 2019 10(1):4141.